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The following instruments are for sale. Most of those listed here are seconds and oddballs at greatly reduced prices. Click on a picture to see a larger photo. Click on the "Hear it!" speaker icon for a sound sample. (Note: if you are using the small internal speaker in your computer, you probably will not hear the low bass notes of the udus.)

Clay rattles
The shell and the insides are all clay. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. $15 - $30 each
Globular Horn #113 (second)
Large bore with bell and goatskin resonator. Fundamental pitch is C#. Glazed in lavender and robin-egg blue, with iron speckles in a variety of brown colors. This is a second; it has a completely repaired crack that was filled with glaze and internally sealed with expoxy. Plays great, looks great. 18" tall. $200

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