Customer Recommendations

"Hallelujah! It's fantastic. Miraculous, to get that big sound out of that little thing!"
Jon Hertzig (compact ceramic "travel" didjeridu)

"I've got to say (your ceramic didjeridu) is the easiest instrument I've ever played. With some of the wooden ones, it takes all the wind capacity I have just to sustain a two or three second drone, but with the one I bought from you, my lungs can sustain a drone for up to twenty seconds. ...All in all I've enjoyed it more than all the other instruments I've played before."
Matt Nicholson

Barry, I just recieved the didjibodhran and I am speechless. This is the most beautiful drum I have ever played. You are a genius. It sounds wonderful. Thank you again for this piece of art.
Josh Seurkamp

It's here! A wonderful instrument, and a thing of beauty as well! The drum is even better looking in person than on the web, and the sound is stunning! Thank you so very much for the professional and friendly way that you helped us with this purchase.
Deborah Cannon

This drum appeals to me far more than anything that I've been able to get my hands on, and let me say that I trekked all around LA trying doumbeks.
Jim Mahoney

"Hey Barry! The didjibodhran arrived today and I've taken this short break from using it to let you know! I love it... it's amazing... it makes me happy... it has such a rich and focused sound! Thank you again for such wonderful artistry...

"For the first time in my (very) short career playing these things I was actually able to hear my own vocalizations (except when I had heard them vibrating in my head)! It's a tremendous, wonderful piece - thank you again!"
Chris Sommovigo

Wow!!!! It's here already, and boy does it ever play nicely! The instrument (ceramic didjeridu) is responsive and so easy to hold and play. What a joy! I'll have a wonderful relationship with this. Thanks Barry.
Rick Dusek

Picked up the didjeridu at the post office this morning (truly awesome packing job, by the way). Looks great and plays even better! Very impressive sound, crisp and focused. And I love the size of the thing (perfect for airline travel, the first non-takedown didj I've seen that would actually qualify as carry on luggage). And thanks for getting it shipped so quickly. It's a beauty!
Dale Lloyd

"Over the past several months I've purchased four of Barry's ceramic instruments. After I bought the first two, I just couldn't stop myself. They are so unique and fun to play that the urge to start a collection could not be surpressed. Two of the instruments are didjeridus and two are drums. One didjeridu is shaped like a coiled snake and the other is shaped like a convoluted trombone. Both of the didjs have glazed mouthpieces so beeswax is not required. The didjs produce a deep, rich drone which is much bolder than the sound of a wood didj. They maintain a good back pressure so playing is effortless. They come in either a dark brown or sandstone color which you can then decorate however you see fit. The drums, one a Doumbek and the other a Conundrums, are both excellent sounding instruments. The drumbeats resonate in clear sharp tones that fill the room with ease. The goatskin drum heads are taught and tough. All the instruments are of the very highest quality and I expect to get many years of use out of them. Now if I can only figure out how to play them all at the same time..."
Mike Zirolli

"Your drums are absolutely beautiful...sound well in the moist Missouri air...maintain a wonderful tone. Thanks for your great work."
Michael Baird

"This is a great didj. I can carry it with me very easily, it will sit on the car seat beside me. It allows me to practice and hear myself very clearly. Has easy to reach and brilliant overtones. The mouthpeice is perfect size wise, but I did add just a small amount of beeswax for comfort sake. The art work is best described as perfect for me. And today is my birthday, so I'm going to play my new toy to my heart's content!"
Ed Drury

"A few months ago there was a thread about favorite didjs and reasons why you like them. It seemed appropriate to say a few words about this player's latest favorite.

"It is in the key of C because my collection was lacking in a "straight C". I ordered it from Barry Hall by internet mail and arrived neatly shrouded in a sheet of bubble plastic, nestled in a corn packed box.

"I call it the snake because of the painting and "coiled for a strike" appearance. The coloration is much like that of an eastern copperhead snake. It's made of ceramic which has a texture like that of a granite statue. When played it has a ring that sounds like the one you hear when you play a nice crisp traditional in the bathtub. It seemingly takes little or no force of breath to get a nice clear drone.. The mouthpiece is positioned at an angle to the plane formed by the body of the snake. This enables a very natural effortless mouth positioning for my side-of-mouth playing style. The curled, as opposed to the long straight general shape of other didjs allows for a one-hand grip with a really short cantilever to easily balance.

"All-in-all Barry Hall deserves kudos for creating a masterpiece that will leave audiences breathless and my friends gracious."
Dave Crowder

The didje arrived safe and sound and came out right away to play. It really sounds great. We have friends (monks) at a Buddhist center here who actually use the didjes for meditation or summoning meditation. I am going to use it to summon my family out of bed every morning!
Gina Carlson

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