Gallery of Ceramic Musical Instruments

What would happen if you crossed a drum with a horn? How about a fiddle and a flute? Here's your chance to see a number of unusual hybrid instruments that combine characteristics of different instrument families. This gallery contains a selection of unique ceramic musical instruments created and built by musician and instrument builder Barry Hall. If you are interested in learning more about how these instruments are made (and how to make your own) please check out Barry's book From Mud to Music. If you would like to hear music made on these instruments, please check out The Burnt Earth Ensemble, and other CDs available in the Burnt Earth Shop.


Each category will take you to pictures and sounds of a family of instruments:

Clay Didjeridus Deep instruments made from the earth
Clay Multi-Didj Multi-tone didjeridu
Globular Horns Unusual resonant vessels
Didjibodhrán Hybrid didjeridu and Irish bodhrán frame drum
Stone Fiddle It's a fiddle. No, it's a flute. No, it's a drum!
Doumbeks Middle-eastern goblet drums
ConunDrums Sets of ceramic tubular drums
Udu Drums Nigerian clay pot instruments
Flowerpotophone Another use for flower pots
Flutes Ceramic flutes, whistles and ocarinas
Ceremonial Drums Polynesian tribal influences

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