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Doumbek Snake Doumbek Double-headed doumbek Art-deco doumbek

The ceramic doumbek, also called a darabukka (and many other names in different countries and cultures) is a traditional instrument most commonly played in the Middle East and North Africa. The doumbek gets its name from the two basic sounds it produces--the deep, low-pitched "doom" and the crisp high-pitched "tek".
In many Middle Eastern cultures they are the main drums for classical and theatrical music, as well as popular music. Westerners often associate doumbeks with belly dancing.

The drums shown here are not traditional doumbek designs, but are inspired by them. They are hand formed from ceramic stoneware clay. The heads are goatskin and are glued to the body of the drum. The third one is an original design double-chambered doumbek with two heads.

Sound files (available in both au and wav formats):

Tajma the cat plays the doumbek.

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