Qwire is a Silicon Valley musical group active in the mid-1990s. The band formed around its members' mutual interest in exploring the boundaries of electronic music and composition, which led each of them to the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University. Fusing jazz, rock and experimental music, Qwire's repertoire ranged from "Miles", a tribute to Miles Davis, to "Local On", a free interactive exploration. The band explored various avenues of interaction by making extensive use of technology including digital interfaces and live sampling. Qwire featured Chris Chafe on celletto (electronic cello), Stanley Jungleib on keyboards and bass, Fred Malouf on MIDI guitar, and Barry Hall on electric violin and bass. It also featured the lovely and powerful voice of Sile O'Modhrain in the telling of a Celtic legend, to an ethereal sonic backdrop.


This 64 minute self-titled CD by Qwire was recorded live direct-to-digital in Stanford University's state-of-the-art digital multitrack studio. It features the members of Qwire plus Muruga Booker on drums and percussion.

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Sound clips (RealAudio format):

Low Pressure

CD cover art...click for an enlargement.

Produced by Fred Malouf. Recording, mixing & mastering by Jay Kadis. Photography by Barry Hall. CD artwork by M.J. Johnson.

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P.O. Box 452
Grafton, MA 01519

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