Track 14: Equinox
(Barry Hall) 3:33
Barry: globutubular horn with goatskin resonator (played as a horn and as a drum), overtone flute, shaker

the instruments played in "Equinox"

Listen to an excerpt of "Equinox"

This piece uses an instrument that's a combination drum and horn, called a "globutubular horn with goatskin resonator," or more simply a "drum horn." The instrument's goatskin membrane can be played as a drum, and it can also be blown in a didjeridu-like style. The combination of a tubular section and a globular chamber provide its unique tone and its low pitch for such a small size. This piece showcases both the drum and horn sounds.

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from the CD "TERRA COTTA" by The Burnt Earth Ensemble 2005 all rights reserved